Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

For all of you who are lonely this Feb. 14, there is another option to try to find the person of your dreams and it is easier than ever before. Jonathan Ressler is CEO of, a program that connects people through their cell phones. Users can search for people in their area and instantly connect with them using their cell phone. No technical gadgets are needed to use this dating service, just a cell phone with a connection to the Internet.

A subscription to Zogo allows you to surf profiles of other subscribers, which includes a picture. When you find an interesting person, a message is sent to them using a nickname with your profile attached. The person can then decide to return the message if they want to. If a person is busy at the moment they can click the decline option and the sender knows to try again later. If they decide to return the message, your cell will instantly begin ringing. Your favorites can be added to a list to refer back to late.

Zogo will keep subscribers personal information private and secure by keeping your number anonymous. “Zogo is the safest way to give out your phone number. Since its free all you have to say to that guy or girl you meet in a bar is ‘call me on Zogo. My nickname is Jetboy,'” states CEO Jonathan Ressler.

The best part is that a subscription is free for all of 2006. Signing up is very simple and consists of only one page of general information.

Chris Pierdomenico, a sophomore says, ” I actually think that it isbetter than normal online personals like because you can have a better idea of whether or not you have chemistry with a person when you hear their voice.” Zogo backs this up by stating that the chemistry between people is in their voices.

This system is great for people who are on the go (like college students) and do not have time to go out to meet people. All you have to do is carry your cell phone with you. Meeting people has never been so easy and safe.

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