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On Saturday February 4, 2006, Sierra Barnes accepted the title of Miss West Chester University 2006. Previous titleholder April Halligan presented Barnes with her crown and passed on the highly coveted title of Miss WCU. Barnes impressed the judges in several different categories, including her performance of a self-choreographed dance routine for the talent/free expression portion of the competition. Barnes will begin her year of service and representation of West Chester University as Miss WCU 2006. The entire program was bigger and better then past years. The theme of the pageant was Club Miss WCU, and it featured Miss WCU 2005, April Halligan, and 18 new contestants. DJ Angg Riccetti kept the crowd excited as the contestants competed in five separate portions of the competition. Five judges were responsible for finding one winner among 18 great women of WCU.

The judging began even before the contestants stepped on stage. Forty percent of the actual scoring was based on an off-stage interview that occurred during the afternoon of the pageant. The judges got a chance to ask the contestants questions that related to their personal goals and their platforms. The rest of the scoring broke down as follows: Talent/ Free Expression-25%, Evening Wear-15%, Casual Wear-15%, and On-Stage Question-5%. The scores were totaled at the end of the competition to find out who would be crowned Miss WCU 2006.

The pageant was filled with special performances by the Russell Twins, the WCU Dance Team, April Halligan and the contestants. The Russell Twins performed their famous twirling routine that brought the crowd to its feet. The contestants impressed everyone in attendance with their great choreography and positive attitudes.

The casual wear consisted of everything from an ocean patrol costume to various sports outfits, including a tribute to the Steelers and also to the Flyers. The Talent/ Free Expression portion was dominated by outstanding vocal performances and entertaining dance numbers. There was

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