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On Wednesday, March 23, the Student Activities Council hosted Mr. WCU 2011 in Asplundh Concert Hall. Ten contestants competed for the title. The program consisted of the opening number, introductions, casual wear and talent. After intermission, the men answered an on-stage question in formal wear; followed by people’s choice voting. Then Mr. WCU 2010, Dominic Anthony, gave his farewell to his title. The top three were then announced followed by special awards and crowing of Mr. WCU 2011.

Each contestant introduced themselves and said why they should be the “Most Valuable Player” of the year: Mr. WCU. During the casual portion,each contestant has a short biography read about them as they strut their stuff on stage.

The talent portion of the competition raised the voices from the crowd. Contestant number one, Dan Christie, a senior English education major, sang and played the piano. He sang “Just the Way You Are/Marry you” by Bruno Mars. Kyle VanHart, contestant number two is a junior history major. He played “Mr. Sandman” on the saxophone and taught the audience the Mummer Strut.

Following VanHart was contestant number three, Shawn Park, a junior international relations major who sang “Rolling in the Deep.” Contestant number four was Chris Conaway, a freshman secondary education major, who sang a Disney medley with a partner: “Go the Distance” and “A Whole New World.”

Carman Daddario is a senior professional studies major. He sang “Never Give up on Me” and played his guitar. He shared the importance of the song with the audience. His sister is in the hospital with cancer and she shared this song with him.

Contestant number six, Kevan Garvin, a junior health and physical education major danced to hit songs such as “Bye Bye Bye,” “Oops, I did it again,” “Ice, Ice Baby,” Michael Jackson songs and “Single Ladies.” Following Garvin was music education major, Isaih Robinson, who sang, “When You Believe” wearing a gown and heels. This was described as his “unique expression” of the song. Contestant number eight, Shane Vogt, a junior communications studies major, taught the audience how to “dougie.”

Chris Grimm, contestant number nine showed his ballroom dancing skills. He danced the tango, fox trot, samba and numerous others to show off his talent. Grimm is a marketing and management major. Lastly, contestant 10, Zack Weidner, a sophomore communication studies major sang a dance remix version of Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

The competition continued on with formal wear and on-stage questions. Some questions included “What is your dream job?”; “Why do you want to be Mr. WCU?”, “What is your favorite part about West Chester university”, and ” If you could relive any event what would it be and why?”

Mr. WCU 2010 then gave his farewell to his title and the audience was able to vote for the People’s Choice Award. After voting, the top three contestants were named in no specific order: Chris Conaway, Isaih Robinson and Chris Grimm.

These three contestants were then asked another on-stage question. Chris Conaway was asked, “If you were given the title of Mr. WCU how would you help the campus community?” He said he would promote more campus involvement, encourage people to join more clubs and help unite the campus.

Isaih Robinson was asked, “What would be the change you wish to see in the world and why?” Robinson answered, “I would change the judgment people put on others.” He stated “there are wonderful people in this world” and we need to throw our judgments away. He said he would do this by introducing two people that would not normally be friends.

Chris Grimm was asked, “If you could give advice to an incoming freshman what would it be?” Grimm explained he would encourage the new student to try to meet as many people as possible and get involved.

Awards were given out to non-finalists as well. Most Dedicated was awarded to Jake Gabler, who was injured and couldn’t compete in the competition.

This decision was made by the executive board of the Student Activities Council. Mr. Personality was voted on by all escorts and contestants and was given to Kevin Garvin. The People’s Choice award was given to Dan Christie.

Each award winner won a trophy and a $25 gift card. Finally, the winners were announced. Second runner up, Chris Grimm received a $100 gift card. First runner up, Chris Conaway won a $175 gift card, and Isaih Robinson won a $400 gift card and the title of Mr. WCU 2011.

Rebekah Balmer is a fourth-year student majoring in women’s and gender studies and sociology . She can be reached at

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