Natasha Villacis

Mobile Journalist

Alex Harrer

Mobile Journalist

Michelle Hoban

Advertising Manager

Madi Ogborn

Distribution Manager

Samantha Walsh

Asst. News Editor

Justin Currie

Asst. Photography Editor

Tyler Grace

Sports Editor

Kirsten Magas

Features Editor

Casey Meyer

Op-Ed Editor

Domenica Castro

News Editor

Nicholas Longenbach

Photography / Design Editor

Olivia Bortner

Managing Editor

Max James


Danielle Craven

Mobile Journalist

Sean Reitze

Online Editor

Eric Ryan

Entertainment Editor

Mikayla Deiter

Classifieds / Calendar Editor

Sarah Kratz

Copy Editor

Tori Bauver

Mobile Journalist

Maureen Farley

Mobile Journalist

Sunny Morgan

Multimedia Editor

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